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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Big Hero 6

Oh my Disney! You have done it again.

There is a little splurge of animation delight with back to back great movies. Last year Frozen took off sending a wave through the world with music, characters and story-line.  Frozen often looked at to cater to the little girls but letting boys enjoy it too was a giant hit. Well, here we go! This one allows boys to have something to look forward to and let's little girls be inspired as well. I would compare these movies to some of the greatest ones that have released thus far. Being able to allow children of all ages embrace their inner genius is GENIUS!

As you know, it wouldn't be Disney if they didn't sprinkle some drama and death all over it. So, remember when you are bringing your children to any Disney movie that there will be tear jerking moments and probably some explaining to do afterwards.

We could go see this movie several times over and we are adults. So, the kids will find this charismatic cast of characters to welcomed. This animation brings science, love, family, future, villains and some clever twists throughout the entire movie. Something that everyone can relate to on some level.

Big Hero Six has not just a couple of writers but seven total for the entire process. This is a great way to pull from all different aspects and the creativity is endless. Baymax (voiced by Scott Adsit) is a science project conjured from Tadashi (voiced by Daniel Henney) who is Hiro (voiced by Ryan Potter) older brother. In the early stages of their lives they lost their parents and they had to go live with their aunt. This living arrangement took its toll on Hiro and he didn't seem to focus much on his bright future. Hiro, being an incredible child genius, graduated school early and decided to bot-fight instead of focusing on the next step in his life.

With the brief introduction to Baymax, an operating robot for positive healthcare made by Tadashi and introduced at a critical time in Hiro's life, Hiro decides he what he wants to do in terms of college. His introductory entrance project lands him in the pits of how the movie will unfold. Tragedy wrapping it's warm arms around the main character, Hiro.

As the plot twists and turns you will find out the little secrets of deception and how that conveys in real life. As adults, you will even have some little tid bits aimed at you.The humor sprinkled evenly all around this amazing little CGI film you will have a flood gate of all types of emotions as you travel on this semi-super hero movie. The most prominent is how a young lost boy can look at his robotic figure and connect with him and what he stands for. Tadashi's friends and co-classmates play an intricate part in this movie and are the key to relating Hiro to his brother. Fred voiced by T.J. Miller, Go-Go voiced by Jamie Chung, Wasabi voiced by Damon waynes, Jr., and Honey Lemon voiced by Genesis Rodriguez. A collective group of youth brought together by a devastating clash of misfortune and for one common goal.

Sit back and enjoy! Actually, bring all the kids and their friends. This movie isn't just a family event it is meant for everyone to gather around and watch together. For many reasons this movie is 5 Joker Cards!!! This is a must see and a must buy!!! Watch the trailer now!

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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Draft Day

Draft Day opens up this Friday, April 11th. It marks a return to form as a charismatic lead for Kevin Costner. He is captivating, engaging, and audience goers will be silently rooting for Sonny Weaver Jr. He is the GM of the Cleveland Browns and as the movie suggests it is Draft Day. However, this is a backstage look at how NFL teams might operate giving the situation.

Sonny is caught in the shadow of his legendary father Sonny Weaver Sr. who was, for all intents and purposes, the Cleveland Browns version of Don Shula. With the NFL Draft mere hours away, Sonny is given the impossible task of pulling off something spectacular or face termination by Cleveland Browns' owner Anthony Molina (Frank Langella). As such a series of events happens that keeps you hoping for an outcome that propels Sonny to do something sensational. 

Jennifer Garner plays Ali, the Brown salary cap executive. She is also Sonny's girlfriend who tells Sonny she is pregnant on Draft Day. His reaction isn't exactly normal which leads to interesting dialogue between the two throughout the movie. Garner portraying a woman in a position of power in the NFL isn't something more commonly known about in America's favorite sport. Football has become America's National Past Time. Sorry if that makes you baseball fans upset, but it's true.

Chadwick Boseman who portrayed Jackie Robinson in 42, plays college LB Vontae Mack. He has less screen time in this film than in 42, and still his scenes are phenomenal. This young actor (although 31 isn't young in terms of acting) has a bright future ahead of him. His next role is that of the Godfather of Soul James Brown in the movie Get On Up. He's also Joker's personal favorite to play T'Challa if Marvel ever makes a Black Panther movie.

There is no shortage of twists and turns in this seemingly cut throat feature to beat the clock. The strategic plays made in and out of the office starts right from the very beginning. Pay close attention to small details as they come to fruition as the movie climbs to it's climax.

Are you worried about this being so heavily into football that it isn't quite a "date night movie"? Don't worry, your movie partner doesn't have to be engrossed in sports to come out and join you. This movie has drama, suspense, dialogue, family ties and comedy. Draft Day could be the gateway to roping in some new football fans with ease. As if that isn't enough, remind her how devilishly handsome football players are. *wink*

There are some great cameos throughout this film and this allows the film to feel as though it is literally walking you through a day in the life of a GM. The intensity is enough to grab and keep you throughout the movie. So, be sure to use the restroom before you go into the theater.

For Harley, the intriguing parts are the interactions between the people behind the scenes revolving around Sonny. The new intern of Ali, the sportscasters, the first round picks and the family of Sonny and how they interact with each other.

This all star cast is worth your hard earned dollars and maybe even a treat from the expensive concession stand. We promise the ending ties everything together in a way you wouldn't expect. We like unpredictable movies. So, here is 4 Joker Cards for this well displayed story!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

We are Back! We had a long hiatus, time spent in Arkham will do that to you though. So, with that said, lets just jump right into it shall we. Marvel brings us the next chapter in the Captain America franchise with Captain America: The Winter Solider. This outing is Marvel's best movie to date. The movie is darker, grittier, and more action packed than Captain America: The First Avenger.

With this second installment in the franchise. Marvel has put themselves on par with other franchises whose sequels are better than the original. Chris Evans really gets to shine in this movie, it is by far his best performance as Steve Rogers/Captain America. The addition of Anthony Mackie playing Sam Wilson also known as Falcon is astounding. His scenes with him flying through the air were really well done. Something the X-Men franchise has failed to utilize with Angel.

Sebastian Stan who portrayed Bucky Barnes in the prequel is back. This time around he is now going by the name Winter Soldier. His story is more of a subplot which manages to tie nicely into the movie as a whole. Robert Redford captivates as Alexander Pierce, and his addition to the film may garner his older female audience to see the film. The movie stands on it's head a real espionage flick. It's on par with other movies in the genre, yes I am comparing it to the the James Bond franchise. It can hold it's own to the best movies of that legendary franchise.

Even with these comparisons, Captain America: The Winter Soldier has been able to tie together a few elements much like Thor: The Dark World. Thus far, the new Marvel movies are blending well, despite the fact that they are not all directed by the same person. Which is very surprising to us and we commend the directors. Often times movies get lost and the translation doesn't mesh well with one director doing various plots and subplots. The ability to convey well has been displayed over the Marvel/Disney brand with these Avenger Super Hero Movies. This sets a bar that the competitors will have to reach and exceed. It certainly looks like a director mixing pot is the key to the visionary success.

We seen this movie in 3D opening night, for those that didn't bother to rush on out because they assumed it would be packed, were very wrong in our area. We literally had plenty of space and the atmosphere was very relaxed. The carnival outside may have been a contributing factor to the half full theater. We won't take it too personal. Also, you don't have to bother racking your brain over seeing it 3D or IMAX....3D is probably not worth the extra coin you will spend. (Unless you want those special 3D glasses that come with this movie) There wasn't enough coming at you to be 3D awed throughout the whole movie. We thought the commercials were the best part of that little tool.

We bet you are waiting for the gut punch? This is usually when we would throw you a little curve. Let's curve that upward, shall we!

For those that come to see spot on transition from comic book to film are always nit picking about the actual events in each book. We lost that ball somewhere around Dark Knight Rises. We've come to the point where evolution in comic to film is upon us. We accept that everything isn't by the book and that there is something here that can be offered as well as entertaining. In this sequel, you are not short changed in action, devotion and story-line. Since this is Captain America , you will find patriotism in various points consuming it's whole.

For Harley, there are a couple of parts that stand out to her:
* The impeccable ability the directors have in giving ample butt shots of Black Widow, her agility in each frame and wonderful acrobatics that are always impressive.
* Oh Bucky Barnes gives quite a show both visually and destructively. The director moved seamlessly in and out of time. In this film you won't be bored with a back story eating up the film.
 * Sam Wilson playing Falcon was a remarkable choice and impressively executed. An ordinary man/soldier having the ability to contribute in a superhero position, who knew this could be elegantly displayed on film? I didn't see how it could fit right with my beautiful imagination. Although the winged jet-pack seems to be his only super part, the director proves the quality of a man's natural strength. Nonetheless, Falcon came in and blended effectively with the all star cast of heroins.
* Last but not least, Captain America, his super human strength doesn't get clogged up by his nature senses. He is still the "ragtime" man that stepped into the machine and transformed. He continues to be quite a piece and is able to stand alone as well as be incorporated with his fellow cast members. This movie is chalk full of little surprises that allows you to see his grace and I believe that this will transition well in the nest Avengers movie.

If you take my bullet points and mix it with the twists and got yourself a great night out! I am impressed with Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson). Looks like he is owning this character very well. He will also, play his famous ring around the rosie subplot on you. Yeah, I can't tell you that little surprise.

The only real disappointment some fans may have is the absence of Hawkeye and Agent Coulson (Jeremy Renner and Clark Gregg). Well we certainly understand your frustration. Although Clark Gregg is busy with the show Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and events in this movie tie directly into what is about to happen on the show. As for Hawkeye look for him to have a bigger role in Avengers: Age of Ultron.

We would be remiss if we don't add that Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) does play an integral part in this movie. Joker still is disappointed in the lack of the Russian Accent. Yet has grown to accept that it's not important enough to worry about. As of our review the movie has already earned close to $50mil. It's on point to earn well over $100mil for it's opening weekend and have the biggest April opening in movie history.

With that said, we do hope you take the family for this entertaining ride of danger and excitement. This movie is definitely worthy of it's 4.5 Joker Cards.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Fruitvale Station

A shot echoes in a train station in the early morning hours on New Years Day on January 1st 2009. The victim of a senseless and unwarranted murder, Oscar Grant was shot by the hands of Johannes Mehserle, a BART police officer. The incident was caught on numerous camera phones and sparked national and international outrage. News outlets everywhere showed the videos and the events of Oscar Grant's death. This hands on knowledge and evidence ignited national debate.

The videos showed the officers had 4 African-American men sitting up against a wall, seemingly asking them questions. The apprehension steamed from an incident on the train ride that occurred between Grant and a Caucasian male. However, no one on the train pointed out the suspects that engaged in an altercation. When Oscar Grant stood up to explain what was going on. He was forcibly taken to the ground and the police attempted to handcuff him. What the police thought was resisting arrest was in fact an error in judgment. Oscar Grant's arm was pinned underneath him and the weight of the officers on him was crushing his arm. Therefore, they were unable to get retrieve his arm from under his body. Eyewitness reports state Office Mehserle said, "Get back, I'm going to taze him." Then retrieved his gun which was on his right side, and shot Oscar Grant in the back. The bullet entered his back went out his front side, ricocheted against the concrete and then punctured his right lung. Oscar Grant was pronounced dead at 9:13 am, at Highland Hospital in Oakland, CA.

Fruitvale Station is the Story of Oscar Grant's last day on this Earth. The pounding pavement story-line of a man just trying to make it work. The remarkable Michael B. Jordan portrays Oscar Grant and you immediately connect with the character. He is an ex-con with a four year old daughter, struggling to make it on the straight and narrow path. There are profound moments between Grant and his daughter, Tatiana (played by Ariana Neal, who will also be credited for Crazy, Sexy, Cool: The TLC Story on film this year). The simplicity of life rolled snug into a tight bond between the two of them. There is nothing like the innocent love and forgiveness of a daughter as she begs for her parents (Mother: Sophina played by Melonie Diaz) not to go out. Grant makes promises of tomorrow that will never come.

Grant being the misunderstood male that is often misplaced and misguided seems to have one solid focus and that was to make it right between himself and his family. You watch the struggle within himself and in the pursuit of correcting his past mistakes. Mistakes that catch up to him quickly and unexpectedly.

The day in the life filming aspect is choppy and allows you to feel as though this is a real-life documentary, written and directed by Ryan Coogler and produced by Forest Whitaker. Even though it is a reenactment, you genuinely feel like you are living this last day with Grant. From the emotion that is displayed with an abandoned dog to the laughter with Tatiana, the displayed struggle isn't fake it is portrayed and represents what men go through everyday. Including a scene where Grant becomes heated in his persistence to get his job back. Harley thought he was trying to hit on the female customer as he tried to help her, but in reality he is trying to prove that he very much wanted his job back and was willing to prove it through customer service. A very endearing moment between himself and the customer.

New Years Eve 2007 he was incarcerated and his mother (played by Octavia Spencer who also was a Co-Executive Producer) came to visit him in prison. This scene allows you a glimpse in the view of the mother. It is clearly from her point of view and how she had to display tough love in a way that will break any mother's heart. Clearly, you see the struggle, the love, and the breaking point all while setting boundaries that set the stage for the viewing audience. Filmed in a flashback moment as Grant takes a look at his life right before he chooses which path he will take going forward as he struggles with his own bills and the financial burden of his family.

This film depicts not just the day in the life of Grant, but it is a sound board for many men in our society today. Often times in many urban neighborhoods there is a right of passage that typically includes two choices. Those two choices are rarely positive. This movie is a peep hole of a man that made choices in his younger days to help make ends meet that resulted to a neon sign on his forehead leaving it incredibly trying to change how he made money and handled his business affairs.

The camera phone evidence tells a story that should open American eyes to the reality that comes in lower income neighborhoods. (Widely known as and referred to as Ghettos) It is clear that the apprehension was targeted by seeking individuals of color. There wasn't any questions asked from train riders to see if they apprehending the right suspects. There seemed like brutally force for citizen's that weren't being charged and there wasn't any rights read during any of the time these guys spent against the wall.

So many people seemed to be emotional about this situation, but as time has passed us by, the memory has faded. People have momentary heart felt concern. It is heart breaking that each member of America is not treated the same. America may have a guideline, but this bubble is subjective and selective. Agree or not, if you do not live in impoverish conditions or understand the "streets", then you have no idea about the American struggle to feed your kids or if the lights will be on when you get home. Grant faced this not just with is own life, but his mother and sister relied on him just as much as his girlfriend and daughter. His shoulder's weighed heavy and his heart flowed with determination, but there was no outlet or opportunity to suit his eagerness. Take a moment to view circumstances that are not your own and this movie will touch each part if your heart.

We rated this movie as 4.25/5 Joker cards because of the abrupt ending and fragmented holes in it. This movie is a MUST-SEE and regardless of where you live, this movie will touch you. Unless you are like some of the people we overheard as we left the theater talking about "What was the point of going to the movie and walking out depressed". I was taking back by that comment. This movie is based on real events. It is important that people understand that going into the theater.


Overall Rating:

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Pacific Rim

We've been hearing that Pacific Rim hasn't been tracking well with audiences. Our screening of the movie yesterday says quite the opposite. The theater was packed with people eagerly awaiting to see this movie. No one in that theater left that movie disappointed. Pacific Rim delivers a return to old school Giant Movies the likes of which will make Godzilla fans proud.

Guillermo Del Toro delivers a one of a kind movie that will stand the test of time in the monster movie genre. The film is both visually stunning and engaging. It appears Legendary Pictures is giving us a preview of what we hopefully have to look forward to next May. When Godzilla the King of all Monsters returns to the big screen. One thing we have never mentioned about any movie we have reviewed to date is the sound quality of the film. We saw this movie in RealD 3D not IMAX 3D and the movie was LOUD. So no matter where you sit in the theater you will get the full surround sound experience.

For those of you that haven't seen any trailers (see below) the movie is about an alien invasion that does not come from the sky, but from a rift in the Pacific Ocean. The aliens that attack are massive and are called kaiju (which is Japanese for giant monster). As these kaiju attacks increase and military measures are failing, the world comes together to build jaegers (German for hunter), giant robots to combat the alien invasion.

The CGI action scenes are amazing Michael Bay could take a lesson from this movie for Transformers. Charlie Hunnam (from Sons of Anarchy) is the lead role as Raleigh Becket. He does a superb job and many more movies could be on the horizon for him. Idris Elba is co-starring as Marshall Stacker Pentecost and delivers his usual great performance. Ron Perlman adds his star power to this film as the black market kaiju parts dealer Hannibal Chau. Charlie Day (from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia) plays a very convincing Dr. Newton Geiszler. This is his second movie of the summer. His first voicing Art in Monsters University. Rinko Kikuchi the female lead plays Mako Moki. Max Martini (from the old hit show The Unit) plays Australian Marshall and Jaeger "Striker" operator Hercules Hansen. Robert Maillet, Heather Doerksen, Robert Kazinsky, Burn Gorman, and Clifton Collins Jr. round out the rest of the cast.

As elite as this force sounds, it visually exceeds a bar that we have been hungering for. With the lack luster action scenes we've seen as of late, this movie is a refreshing visit to the sci-fi universe. In addition to the main plot of humans against aliens, there are sub-plots that keep the movie in a constant revolving motion. The visuals of the interaction between aliens and jaegers seems odd at first glance and then builds on you just moments into the very first fight.

Harley mentioned that there should be Tsunami waves with all the fighting in the ocean. It is okay that the rush of waves don't crash and eat away at whats left of the planet's human life stock.  There are many spot on moments that forgiving that little detail is easy. This is another tough moment of deciding what to write in here so that we don't spoil the movie. However, there are somethings that are important to point out.

The kick off signals of the planet's invasion is ruthless and certainly far more sinister than The Purge. The giant robots, jaegers, and the battle with gigantic aliens seem to be something that reminds us of Godzilla and this movies shows signs of it without the broccoli trees. So pay extra close attention to the certain musical scores, and monster roars. The harsh dance of battle bursts and splashes on the screen and even has you flinching. Two humans are mentally connected in order for these super bots to enter battle. This is called "drifting". The drifting processes grants strikers the access to your partners memories. The ability to tap into their conscious and subconscious. This is quite an interesting merge of two beings. It also allows you to know exactly what is going on in the individuals mind when a tragic moment strikes. The link between the beings are critical in order for the jaegers to function. 

There are a couple of scenes that stand out. Raleigh and Mako have a profound connection long before they drift together. We think David S. Goyer should take some clear notes on this. It isn't necessarily romance, but there is a very recognizable connection that is undeniable. This leads it's own subplot and takes you on a a little spin.

Then there is the science portion that is quite wowing and very inventive to incorporate in the film. Lately, there seems to be some great movies incorporating knowledge within the films and we seem to like that. It gives you information as to "why" the movie is plausible. The part that stands out the most, scientifically speaking, is between Dr. Hermann Gottlieb (Burn Gorman) and Dr. Newton Gieszler (Charlie Day). The battle of the brains literally surpasses the meaning and brings together a very intriguing segment.

There are a ton of things we can point out and blast in this review. We stuck to being vague for the right of the movie. This is a must see and I suggest you take the preteens/teenagers along with you. We had a couple teenage girls with us and they were amply pleased with the movie. We all know that girls are a really tough crowd to please. With that said, this movie is easily 4.5/5 Joker Cards. It's time for a movie night!!!


Friday, June 28, 2013

Despicable Me 2

Our favorite evil mastermind is back, but he's hopped on over to the side of good. That was a foregone conclusion seeing as how we all know how Despicable Me ended. Gru (Steve Carell) joined by the fan favorite minions and Dr. Nefario (Russell Brand) is now a retired evil mastermind, running a legit jelly and jams business. All the while raising his three adopted daughters Margo (Miranda Cosgrove), Agnes (Elsie Kate Fisher), and Edith (Dana Gaier). When he is suddenly kidnapped by agent Lucy Wilde (voiced by the very funny Kristen Wiig) and brought to the AVL (Anti-Villain League). He is tasked with the apprehension of the villain responsible for stealing a top secret formula. Other characters in the movie are Floyd (Ken Jeong), Eduardo (Benjamin Bratt), Antonio (Moises Arias), and Jillian (Nasim Pedrad)

What ensues is a predictable yet partly boring tale of good triumphing over evil. With the climatic ending having our favorite evil villain turned dad fighting Grimace of McDonald's fame. We say partly boring because for adults parts of this movie will drag and leave you uninterested, while it will succeed in keeping your children entertained. We saw this movie in 3D and one thing we both feel needs to change about the 3D (especially with animated movies) is this, during the credits of this film one of the minions is blowing bubbles out into the the viewing audience. The bubbles ACTUALLY POPPED OUT OF THE SCREEN, and children were reaching up trying to pop them. Why can't the whole movie be filmed in this exact way? We certainly look forward to 3D becoming more like a pop up book and not shiny with subtle hints of 3D effects.

For all the boring and flat moments in the film there are scenes that will draw laughter from the adults in the audience. That's what the minions are good for, they give the film the comedic aspect it needs but not often enough to make this movie better than or on equal par with the original. Despicable Me 2 falls into the category of most sequels. We thought this movie would contend with Monsters University for animated movie of the year, that is no longer the case. We know you'll shell out money to take your kids to see this, so we strongly suggest matinee for this film otherwise wait for it to be on DVD.

"What ensues is a predictable yet partly boring tale of good triumphing over evil. With the climatic ending having our favorite evil villain turned dad fighting Grimace of McDonald's fame."

In this viewing we were literally surrounded by more children than adults. We were seriously outnumbered by 5 to 1 in a very full theater. In saying that, we noticed out of all those children only one child seemed unruly and uninterested. *Please see bottom notation for great ideas on how to help your child(ren) understand the difference between the living room and a movie theater. In all fairness, the movie had a decent story-line even if it isn't a strong one. The cosmic sound of loving Dad and dad-like mannerisms throughout the movie is quite appealing. Watching daughters grow up and enter teenage-hood will entice teenagers to want to see this movie for family night out.

There is one part that lingers a bit and the multiple times "Adopted" is used is a little bothersome. Unfortunately, it allows segregation in the parental bond and this part isn't one we necessarily agree with. It would have been nice to have Gru take that out completely by stating those are his daughters and even though he shows it. There are plenty of kids that can relate to this situation.

Despicable Me had one of the most catchy tunes in it and I would have liked for some of those to make a feature in this sequel. However, musically you will not be disappointed. There are some great moment and there is also a little surprise. We aren't going to push the grown up kids to run to the movies. We suggest you save those precious funds for something more comedic appealing. Parents, you will have peace and quite for just a little bit. We give this movie 3.5/5 Joker Cards for the many reasons we noted. We won't be surprised in the amount of DVD purchases that will be made when this movie is released. Like us, everyone loves minions!


*Children in Theaters: Parents it is important to introduce your little ones to movies. It is a great American past-time and a wonderful way to spend your family time together. Be mindful of other movie goers and of your own child(ren). One child can certainly trigger others while in a theater. It is okay to bring in juice or water for your little ones. Sugars tend to make your children restless and healthy snacks are not always available at concession stands. For children that are naturally antsy, be sure to save an extra seat that will allow your child(ren) room to move just a little bit. Keep in mind that an end of the row seat is always better and it will give you ample space to leave if you need to and necessary space. This will keep them from intruding on someone else's space or feel confined. Remember it is okay for your child(ren) to talk to the screen. It is absolutely normal and it is fun to hear the commentary of your young minds. It is important to give rules to them before entering the theater. Use the time in the car or ride to the theater to go over simple rules that they will remember to follow. It is always best to make a little song or rhyme out of it to make it fun. Reward systems work for children who are still learning the difference between living room fun and public fun. This reward system should be simple and pleasing to the child. If you have any other suggestion please note them so out readers can see other great suggestions. Thank you for reading and SEE YOU AT THE MOVIES!

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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Monsters University

In the world of movies it's rare for sequels to be better than or equal to the original.  Monsters University overwhelmingly places itself onto that unique pedestal. By not only keeping the continuity in tact but by also being a prequel. The movie opens with us meeting a young Michael "Mike" Wazowski (voiced by Billy Crystal) on a school field trip to Monsters Inc. The field trip introduces Mike to "scaring" which inevitably starts him down the path to becoming a "Scarer". Respectfully, his hard work and dedication land him acceptance into the prestigious Monsters University. It is here we are introduced to the likes of roommate Randall "Randy" Boggs (as voiced by Steve Buscemi) as well as one James P. "Sulley" Sullivan (voiced by John Goodman).

We are also introduced to new characters that kids and fans of the first movie will fall in love with. On one hand we have the members of the Oozma Kappa Fraternity (think Lambda Lambda Lambda in "Revenge of the Nerds") such as founding member Don Carlton (Joel Murray), Scott "Squishy" Squibbles (Peter Sohn), Terry Perry and Terri Perry (Dave Foley and Sean Hayes) who share the same body, and Art (Charlie Day). In the other, we have Johnny Worthington (Nathon Fillion) president of the Roar Omega Roar Fraternity. Dean Hardscrabble (Helen Mirren) who is as stern and hard to impress as most deans are portrayed in movies. The movie has your classic hard work always pays off motto with a twist.

Monsters University is the animated and updated version of Revenge of the Nerds. This movie does absolutely everything right, and Pixar delivers one of the best animated movies to come out in the last few years. Which for Pixar, has been tough the last few years as some of their movies didn't shape up to past features. Monsters University is very much the Pixar of old and quite frankly it's refreshing to see they are still able to create original stories using already established characters. Monsters University is already an early contender for Best Animated Movie of the year. However, stiff competition is on the way with Despicable Me 2 set to release on July 3rd, and Turbo on July 17th. Other animated movies yet to be released are Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2, Smurfs 2, and Pixar's very own Planes.

Animated movies are always huge money makers even though some of them aren't worth it. Well, we can assure Monsters University is worth every dollar you decide to spend. This will be a movie the whole family can and will enjoy. It will even answer questions you never knew you had.

So, feel free to see this with the kids, on a movie date, hanging out with your buddies or henchmen, It doesn't matter because you will certainly feel like you're a kid again. It is clear "Boo" doesn't make an appearance seeing that it is a prequel, but you find fun favorites pretty quickly. Pixar is great for giving you hidden gems in their movies, so feel free to pay attention to little details. Certainly, share them with us in the comment section. It will be nice to see what everyone comes up with.

We were highly entertained, the story stays in tact, characters are not altered and they bring on new ones, and there is a lesson. The recipe for a great movie. The very cool thing about going to see Monsters University is hearing the little kids during the feature. It is like sitting at "Kids say the Darnest Things" and a flick at the same time. For all the tokens mentioned in this review, we have to give this 4.75/5 Joker Cards! We are very proud of this movie and look forward to seeing how the others match up!


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